Frequently Asked Questions

Licence-related Questions

Are there hidden costs of using Secretica?
No. It is completely free. All components (even the database manager) can be used free of charge.
My company wants to provide services (both free and paid) for Secretica: support, training, help desk, application hosting, etc. Are there any conditions to fulfill?
There are no such conditions. But we must point out that since it will be your company providing the services, Codeiron Ltd. is not responsible for these, all responsibility falls on you.

Technical Questions

What operating systems are supported by Secretica?
Server-side applications require Linux or Windows operation system. In general, it supports all operating systems that run PostgreSQL database manager (version 9.1.0 or higher), Java Runtime Environment or Java Development Environment (version 7 or higher), Apache Tomcat (version 7.0.37 or higher), and Apache HTTP Server (Apache HTTPD, version 2.2.16 or higher).
The client-side components only require an operating system and browser capable of running the Adobe Flash Player plugin (version 11.1 or higher). This includes all Windows systems. You can use Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers.
What softwares are needed to run Secretica?
The softwares listed above.
Does Secretica support other database managers?
At the moment, only the PostgreSQL database manager is supported.
What is the administrator login ID and the default password?
Login ID: admin
Default password: admin
The Installation Guide looks a bit too long. Is it that hard to install and operate?
Not at all. The manual contains plenty of images and offers detailed explanations, so even those can install the application, who never used PostgreSQL, Java, Apache Tomcat and Apache HTTPD before.
The Installation Guide only describes the setup on Windows. There are no installation instructions for Linux systems?
No. But anyone with ample experience with a given Linux distribution can do the setup. If we are proven wrong, we will release an Installation Guide for Linux as well.