Secretica CRM

An absolutely free and open source customer relationship managment application

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Had enough of the overly complex, barely transparent CRM applications? You need an easy-to-use but free product, packed with features? Give Secretica CRM system a go!

If your company was planning to implement a customer relationship management (CRM) application, check out Secretica CRM, and see whether it fits the bill! If you liked it, it can be integrated with other products developed by your company or a third party!
Campaigns (CA)
You can send campaign emails to the organizations and persons stored in the system. Emails sent are generated from templates. The success of individual campaign can be assessed with reports, tables, and charts.
Communications (CO)
Communications concerning certain organizations or persons (email, phone, fax, etc.) can be stored and shared with colleagues. This way you can avoid sending a business offer more than once to a client or not to send it at all, and reported problems won't remain unresolved. You can attach documents and tasks to a communication.
Documents (DO)
You can store electronic documents. They can be attached to organizations, persons, tasks, and communications. You can search the contents of documents, the Full-Text Search engine indexes them. The search engine supports the following formats: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), (Writer, Calc), Adobe PDF, RTF and TXT.
Tasks (TA)
You can keep record of your tasks, and opt to receive regular email notifications about their status, so they won't be forgotten. You can attach documents and communications to your tasks.
Codeiron Framework
Reports (RE)
You can create multilingual, printable reports, tables, charts and composite dashboards using a database of your choice (including the application database). To do this, you only have to register the necessary data sources in the application, and they will become available for reports after restarting the application.
Data Transfers (DT)
You can synchronize you master data with data loaded from files and other databases. You can also load data from one database to another. Data transfers can be defined in scripts, and can be run as a scheduled task. (See: Codeiron Framework, Scheduled Tasks)
Full-Text Search (FT)
Using Full-Text Search, you can search for data by inputting one or more texts. In Codeiron Framework, a Full-text Search only searches the system messages and the data of persons and organizations. Secretica took a step further. The features searches not only the text of campaigns, communications and documents, but also the contents of attached files. A Full-Text Search can be launched from an information panel in the main window, so it is available immediately.
Master Data (MD)
Codeiron Framework supports the recording and use of a number of master data. These include the organizations and organization units, persons, employees and their positions, cities, territorial units, countries, banks, currencies, classifications and industries. Secretica further extends this list with document types and folders.
Component Manager (CM)
Component Manager installs components and updates them without user interaction. It modifies data stored in databases, registers new reports, templates, string constants, etc., or modifies existing ones. Component Manager automatically modifies the structure of the database when the application is installed or updated.
Event Logger (EL)
Event Logger logs important events in the system. That includes logging logins and logouts. If enabled, it also logs the recording and changing of certain data.
Lock Manager (LM)
Lock Manager locks certain data groups, so that only one user could edit them concurrently. The organizational hierarchy and in Secretica, the folder hierarchy of documents are such data groups.
Messenger (ME)
The application has its own messaging functionality. It is responsible for sending the system messages, and in Secretica, the warning emails to the users, and the campaign emails to the clients.
Permission Manager (PM)
Viewing or editing certain data groups and the use of certain features requires proper permissions. The Permission Manager keeps unathorized persons from acccessing protected data or features. Permissions are tied to roles, and can be assigned to users or user groups with the roles itself.
Regional Settings (RS)
The framework supports a number of regional settings. You can select a regional setting when logging in; when logged in, the application will use the language corresponding to the regional setting. Number, date and time type data also display according to the format associated with the regional setting.
Scheduled Tasks (ST)
While using the application, certain maintenance tasks have to be run in regular interval or at preset times. You can schedule an unlimited number of data transfers and scripts as tasks to be executed.
Skins (SK)
All the icons, component colors and fonts used by the application can be changed. The individual style elements can be organized into skins. The user decides at login which skin to use. You can add an unlimited number of skins to the system.
Templates (TE)
Codeiron Framework uses a template engine developed by Codeiron Ltd., which is both effective and easy to master. Simple templates can be created with minimal programming skills, but even complex templates can be created with simple statements. Currently, it is used for sending system messages and campaign emails. (See: Secretica, Campaigns)
Your components
Your Data Transfers (YDT)
Using unique data transfer scripts, you can create your own executive information database from existing databases, by loading their data into a central database. You can synchronize master data from a previously implemented sales system. Should the need arise, you can export data from the CRM system to other systems as well.
Your Reports (YRE)
You can create unique, printable reports, tables, charts, and composite dashboard from the application data, a previously established executive information database created with data transfers, or from the databases of existing systems. Using string constants, the reports can be displayed in multiple languages.
Your Regional Settings (YRS)
The default regional settings of the system can be extended or edited. You can add new string constants or even completely new translations.
Your Scheduled Tasks (YST)
You can set your data transfers and other scripts to run at preset intervals.
Your Skins (YSK)
You can change the entire look of the application. You can replace the icons, the components' colors, the fonts, etc. The whole design can be tailored to the end user's needs.
Your Templates (YTE)
The appearance of system messages can also be altered according to the end user's specifications. In the system templates (used by system messages) you can modify the colors, fonts, etc, and the textual content as well.